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What is IELPO about?

The University of Barcelona's Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO LL.M.) features 10 months of learning from many of the most renowned experts from leading law and economics faculties, international and regional organizations, top law firms in the field and research centres around the world. The IELPO LL.M. Programme revolves around 7 teaching modules, having as the main pillars International Trade, Competition and Investment Law and Policy. The aim of the Programme is to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and the analytical tools required of cutting-edge practitioners in all major fields of international legal and economic governance today. While the programme's core foundation remains legal in character, a unique feature of the IELPO LL.M. is to provide students with the means of applying a pluri-disciplinary approach to problem solving, allowing them to draw on the key insights of legal, economic and international political economy the issues covered by the programme. A unique feature of the programme also lies in its emphasis on comparative dynamics, providing students with a robust understanding of the various forces shaping international economic governance in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The IELPO LL.M. will prove attractive to students with a background in law, economics, international relations and/or related fields and whose professional interests include international legal practice, economic diplomacy, public sector consulting as well as careers in leading regional and international organizations.

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Why Barcelona is so inspiring?

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and the second city of Spain, offers the best possible setting for an innovative programme like the Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO LL.M.).

Barcelona is known worldwide for being a truly vibrant city open to different cultures and countries. Its strategic location allows for great connections around the globe and it is unique in terms of cultural offer, gastronomic choices, architectural richness and entertainment possibilities.

Catalonia and Barcelona, its capital, has always been the most internationally open corner of Spain. Barcelona has been at the crossroads of international trade since the Middle Ages and became a thriving industrial town in the early XIXth century. The city is currently undergoing yet another major transformation in becoming a leading centre of knowledge-based activities, particularly in services. The city's unique cultural and culinary heritage - in particular the richness of its museums and world-renowned architecture, its sea-side location and mild Mediterranean climate - all combine to make it one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

The IELPO programme is therefore the true example of cosmopolitan Barcelona. It enhances the city's burgeoning offer of specialized higher education services and further confirm its rank as one of Europe's leading learning centres.

With almost a decade of existence IELPO, together with its outstanding international faculty and student body, has consolidated as a highly sought-after graduate degree preparing participants for exciting careers in international economic governance.

Apply now and engage in the most exciting experience of your life! Be part of the IELPO Family!

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Ramon Torrent Macau

Director of the IELPO LL.M. Programme


Pierre Sauvé

Academic Advisor to the IELPO LL.M. Programme


Xavier Fernández Pons

Co-Director of the IELPO LL.M. Programme


Altagracia Cuevas

Academic Coordinator of the IELPO LL.M. Programme


Olga Bogurina

Research and Logistics Manager of the IELPO LL.M. Programme


Irene de Tovar

IELPO LL.M. Assistant


Isabel da Cunha Mathias

IELPO LL.M. Assistant


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Universitat de Barcelona
IELPO's Host University